How much does an event cost?

Three factors go into pricing an event. 1)The distance you are from us. 2)The inflatables you want to rent. 3) How long you want to rent them. We give package prices based the above mentioned attributes. Due to the fact that our inflatables are so large and we provide everything, including all the labor and power, we have minimum order requirements that vary for different parts of the state. An average event with 4 designer inflatables for 2 hours will range from $4200 to $5700, depending on which inflatables are selected. If we price your event and it exceeds your budget, we can modify your selection to reduce the cost. The larger the inflatable rides the more the event will cost.

I am having a large event and do not know how many inflatables I will need. Can you help me?

Absolutely. We do all types of events ranging from a few dozen people to over 50,000. We can give you an idea of how many inflatables you need and which ones are suited for different age groups. We will also advise you on which inflatables will allow more “through-put” and less waiting. We are here to help.

Do you do birthday parties?

Typically, no. Due to the size and cost associated with our inflatable amusements, we have a minimum order of $1500 and this typically prices us out of the birthday market.

Do you carry insurance?

Yes. Anyone renting inflatable amusements must have two things to be a legal operation. The first is a minimum of $500,000 liability insurance. The second is a certified inspection from the North Carolina Department of Labor (specifically the Elevator and Amusement Device Bureau). You cannot have an inspection by the NCDOL without liability insurance. We carry twice the required amount of insurance.

How do I get a price quote for my event?

Simple. Click on the “Price Quote” page and select the inflatables you want to receive a quote on. Be sure to fill out all of the questions, so that we can make sure your selection is available. Click “Submit”. Your quote will be emailed to you promptly. You may also call us to get a price quote. We will also answer any questions you may have about the process.

What paper work is needed to book my event?

We will send you a contract with the date of your requested rental, the inflatables you are renting and the amount of time of the rental. This contract will need to be signed and returned to us with a deposit of 50%. The balance is due on the day of the event.

What do you do in the event of rain?

We will watch the weather forecast the night before your event. If rain looks likely, we will contact you and give you the option to cancel the rental or reschedule. If you would like to cancel the event, your deposit will be refunded to you. If you want to reschedule, we will give you the dates we have available. If you should choose to have the event and take the chance that it will not rain, the balance is due in full, regardless of whether you receive the full rental time requested. Inflatables and rain do not mix. When our units get wet we have to set them up again at our business and clean them thoroughly. So for us, it is like having to set up two events for the price of one. We do not want our inflatables to get wet but sometimes it just happens. So if you are in doubt, I would recommend an indoor location, alternate event date or cancel altogether.

If we give you a budget can you put together different packages for us to review?

We do this frequently. Give us your budget and we will give you several inflatable packages and let you choose the one that best fits your event needs.

Do you deliver the inflatables?

Absolutely. We also provide the set up, break down, power and attendants needed to make your event a success. This is included in our prices and not an extra fee.