Residential Parties

We do not provide inflatables for residential parties. It is our goal to only offer inflatables that are "larger than life" and aesthetically superior to any other inflatables on the market. We pay an exorbitant amount to purchase our inflatable rides in order to provide our customers with the finest caliber of inflatable amusements. We, in turn, reflect the cost of our inflatables in our rental fees. These rental prices also cover delivery (travel time, gas), labor to set up and break down, attendants for each inflatable and portable power.

We take safety very seriously. We do not allow our units to be picked up, nor do we drop them off. We do not allow anyone to supervise them, other than our trained staff. This helps prevent accidents and insures that the inflatables are set up and operated in the appropriate manner. Our events range from $1500 to in excess of $20,000.Therefore, due to all costs mentioned above, it is not economically feasible for us to provide inflatables for birthday parties. Most customers have a budget between $200 to $500 for a birthday party. We suggest contacting a local party rental store in your area to rent a bounce or slide. The inflatable inventory at these local rental stores are sized and priced with birthday parties in mind.  Thank you.