About Extreme Inflatables

We love to make people happy. Our inflatables bring a lot of joy to young and old alike. We do not want to be the “run of the mill” corporation. We use only the best inflatable rides on the planet. We pay a whole lot for them but they are worth it 100% because our inflatables can turn a modest event into a spectacular event with the flip of a switch. We take tremendous pride in this fact. Our rides are fun, safe and beautiful. Remember, you get what you pay for. If you want to make your event better, step it up with Extreme Inflatables.

There are a lot of companies out there that rent inflatables. There are some things the customer must be aware of when selecting an inflatable provider. First, are they insured? Make sure you ask this question. If the answer is no, run like crazy. If the rental company has insurance, then find out if they have been inspected. The Elevator and Amusement Device Bureau of the NC Department of Labor must inspect all inflatable rides in the state of North Carolina. You cannot be inspected by the NCDOL without insurance. Extreme Inflatables Inc. is completely insured and inspected. In fact, we carry twice the insurance required by the state. Secondly, do they set up, monitor and break down the inflatable rides? The set up, supervision and take down is handled by us and is included in the price. This prevents accidents, over-crowding and leaves our customers to enjoy their event, not labor in it. Finally, do they supply their own power? We do. We have portable generators that can power all our inflatable games. This is also included in our prices and not a hidden or additional fee.

In summary, we are a company that can be trusted. We deliver a superior service at a fair price. Give us a try and you will see that we are unlike any inflatable amusement company out there.







“Let Everything Alive Give Praises to the Lord” – Psalm 150
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