Extreme Man!

Origin: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown (In excess of 290 lbs. based on recent evidence)
Height: Approximately 6’0
Occupation: Official representative of Extreme Inflatables.
Powers: Possesses amazing strength. Extreme-Man can lift objects in excess of 30 tons. Extreme-Man can also fly at super sonic speed, as well as, project enormous amounts of energy from the palms of his hands.
Likes: Sliding down the King Croc and Kraken. Extreme-Man enjoys playing on all the awesome inflatables at EI. He also likes to read the Bible.
Dislikes: Bullies
Loves: Jesus, Family and Kids.
Famous Quotes: “Fly high with the Lord.” “Jesus is my hero.” “Be extreme for God”.

Hey Kids. This is Extreme-Man and I would love to tell you about the most awesome super hero of all time and no, it is not me. In fact, I am not even worthy of being mentioned in the same sentence as this hero. This hero can walk on water. He can also be everywhere at the same time! He has the ability to heal the sick and bring life back to the dead! The super hero I speak of is Jesus Christ and he has done amazing things for you and me. He provides us with everything we need to survive, such as, food, water and shelter. But the most amazing thing He gives us is love. God loved you and me so much that he chose to take the form of a man and pay the ultimate sacrifice so that we may spend eternity with Him.

Did you know you can have the king of super hero’s, Jesus Christ, in your life each and every day? All you have to do is bow your head and pray this prayer: Lord Jesus, I am a sinner and I believe you died on the cross for my sin. I ask you to forgive me of the things I have done that were not pleasing in your eyes. I accept you as my Savior, from the bottom of my heart. Please come and live inside me and teach me how You would have me live. Thank you for this gift Lord and help me to walk each and every day in Your righteous ways. Amen.

Guess what? If you earnestly prayed that prayer you are now a Christian and you have the most awesome super hero of all time with you always. Even though you may not hear or see God, He is always there. You can talk to God anytime, anywhere, and He will listen and answer your prayers, in His perfect timing. Always do your best and be strong. I hope to see you soon at one of our events. May God bless and keep each and everyone of you

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