Alcatraz Challenge


Required Set-Up Area

Unreal! Alcatraz is, without a doubt, the most awesome inflatable obstacle course we have ever seen. Two individuals start out in different cell blocks and race through climbing walls, squeeze throughs, tunnels and slides as they try to escape Alcatraz (aka “The Rock”). The final run through takes you through the legs of the 20′ tall security guard. The cell blocks are made for photo opportunities, as you can take pictures of each “prisoner” through the cell bars before they try their daring escape. This obstacle is a blast! We know how important aesthetics are to our customers and this one is worth it’s weight in gold. The type of inflatables you have at your event not only reflect on the event itself but on you the customer and on us the amusement provider. We will go the extra mile to continue to offer only the best inflatable amusement rides. Alcatraz is awesome! Can you escape “The Rock”? This inflatable requires a set up area of 30’W x50’L x 21’H. Check out the Tree House Slide to compliment this obstacle.

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