Amazon Zip Line


Required Set-Up Area







Wow!!!! Here it is folks, another custom ride made exclusively for Extreme Inflatables! The Amazon Zip Line is designed for ages 4 to 74. At 36′ tall and 105′ long, the Amazon Zip Line is the safest zip line in the world! Each rider rests securely in a harness, eliminating the need to hold on to any trolley handles. It also has an inflatable mattress that extends under the rider the entire length of the ride. Two riders can ride simultaneously. This is an amazing and unique amusement ride. Your patrons will have the time of their life! Rent the Amazon Zip Line today! For venues that have minimal space, we can also shorten this unit to a 70′ zip line. This unit requires a set up area of 50’W x 110’L x 37’H for the 70′ installation and 50’W x 145’L x 37’H for the 105′ installation. The weight limit on the Amazon Zip Line is 225lbs. per rider. The minimum height required is 40″.

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