Splash Blast


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Splash Blast is the nicest dunk tank in the world! Dunk tank alternative to be exact. How does it work? It’s so simple. Splash Blast is a self contained unit, where participants throw balls at a target, much like a dunk tank. But that is where the similarities end. Once the target is hit, it ignites a water filled air blast soaking the “Splash Victim” with water and cold air. The blast of water surrounds the “Splash Victim” from the floor up in a curtain of water that peaks out, about 12′ and then cascades down on the participant like a waterfall. As soon as the blast is finished the system re-sets itself immediately so that it is ready for the next blast! Once you see Splash Blast, you will never want to rent a dunk tank again. Why?

1. It is the first Dunk Tank alternative that has a truly unique explosion when the target is struck. This generates excitement.

2. No unsanitary water to worry about.

3. Getting people to participate or to be the “Splash Victim” is easy because they are not being dropped into a tank full of dirty water.

4. It’s NEW. No one has seen anything like this before.

5. It saves you money by only using a half gallon of water per “explosion”. Compare that to the 500 gallons it takes to fill a dunk tank!

Splash Blast is the easiest, coolest way to get wet this summer. The dunk tank is now on the endangered species list! Rent Splash Blast today. Also check out Water Tag as a complimentary unit. This requires a set up area of 10’L x 10’W x 10’H.

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