The Gauntlet


Required Set-Up Area







WOW! The Gauntlet is unlike anything on the planet! This is a one of a kind interactive game made specifically for Extreme Inflatables. In fact, we designed the entire theme of this gorgeous unit, so there is not another anywhere in the world. The Gauntlet is a medieval themed 50′ long whirlwind of activity, where 2 players race across stone colored foam pedestals. They must cross the moat and avoid being eaten by the alligators, as well as, dodge giant swinging boulders being hurled at them by onlookers. This incredible game entertains 8 people at a time (6 on the outside contolling the boulders and 2 inside racing). This is perfect for older kids, teenagers, and adults. This is ideal for colleges, corporate events and festivals. Watch the video to get an idea of just how special this interactive game is. Call now and book The Gauntlet today! This inflatable requires a set up area of 17″H x 52’L x 25’W.

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