The Kraken


Required Set-Up Area







Nordic fables mention an animal called the Kraken, a giant octopus large enough to sink huge vessels. Most thought this to be only a legend or dismissed this as simply a myth. As the crew aboard the H.M.S. Leviathon discovered, it was no myth or legend. Now you can climb aboard the H.M.S. Leviathon and take on the Kraken yourself! This 35′ tall monster slide is the biggest portable inflatable slide in North or South Carolina! It is a staggering 60′ long and completely wrapped in amazing art work. It also has 2 lanes to double your through-put. This is a must for any event that wants to stand out from the rest. Rent the Kraken today! This inflatable requires a set up area of 45’W x 68’L x 36’H.

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