UFO Alien Invasion Arena


Required Set-Up Area







Our laser tag game is available with 2 options: The laser tag guns only or the laser tag guns with 40′ UFO Alien Invasion Arena.


Laser Tags Guns: Our guns use state of the art technology. Each game is controlled by a computer, including length of game, ammunition, type of game (team vs. individual) etc. Each player gets a laser tag gun with attached head band. The headbands light up when hit and the gun tells you that you have been tagged by your opponent. If you rent the guns only, you will need an area to use for game play. Obstacles are not provided with the guns only package.


UFO Alien Invasion Arena: This awesome arena is 40′ in diameter! It is designed to look like a giant spaceship with a scary alien on top. It has a massive maze inside with strobe light effects. There are tons of walls to hide behind. This UFO Arena and laser tag package is a turn key laser tag event. If placed indoors, the ceiling height must exceed 23′ to accommodate the scary alien on top of the spaceship. For lower ceiling heights the alien can be removed from the space ship. This unit requires an area 55′ W x55′ L x 24’H.

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